Qualification for EURO 2020: All you need to know


During the qualifiers of the Euro 2020, the teams are segregated into 10 groups. Each group competes amongst themselves in order to secure a spot in the championship. The top two teams of each group are directly sent to the euro 2020 championship game. Hence, 20 of the 24 available spots would be filled up which leaves behind 4 open spots.

Ultimately, the play–offs would be the deciding factor of the final competing teams of the Euro 2020 championship. The teams that would take part in the play-off’s would be decided through the ‘Uefa Nations League’. The top 4 teams of each league would compete in the play-off’s for the final spots in the championship game. Each league of teams would have a separate playoff, the winner of this round has assured a sport in the main game.

Euro Highlights:

The qualifiers for the Euro 2020 championship game was filled with excitement and vigour, as teams fought for a place in the major game. Football fans across the globe clutched on to the hope that their team would go big and enter into the main tournament. Some of the main euro highlights have been mentioned below.

Belgium has moved closer to securing a place in the coming year’s championship game by beating Scotland with a score of 4 – 0. Within the first 32 minutes, the players from the Belgium team scored a goal. A spot in the final game is guaranteed for Belgium if they manage to beat San Mario in the next match.
The game between Northern Ireland and Germany took a surprising turn, as the later team won by 0 – 2 scores. The spotless record set by Northern Ireland was broken as Germany continued on its surge to qualify for the big game. Having lost the Netherlands in a 4 – 2 game, Germany was under immense pressure to score well against Northern Ireland.


The Netherlands played against Estonia and managed to win by a whopping difference of 4 – 0. After their triumph over the German team in a nail-biting match, a second victory has further increased their chances of reaching the big match. The 1998’s Euro Cup champions are hoping to regain their title in the upcoming game.
The Poland and Austria game resulted in a draw with neither of the teams managed to score any momentous euro goals.
The match between Russia and Kazakhstan ended with the former team having higher chances of procuring a place in the championship game. The final score of the game was 1 – 0 for Russia and Kazakhstan respectively.
Cyprus won a crucial game in the series by a large difference of 4 – 0 while playing against San Marino.
Slovenia beat Israel in an extremely close game, with the final score accounting up to 3 -2.
Slovakia continues to stay on the top by scoring 2 – 1 in the game against Hungary.
Latvia dropped by a couple of ranks due to a poor game against North Macedonia, with the final score of 0 – 2.
A rigorous match between Azerbaijan and Croatia ended in a tie, with both teams scoring one goal each.

Throughout the matched the players of various teams upheld the standards of the game by scoring some of the most spectacular euro goals in the Euro Cup history. Cristiano Ronaldo’s four euro goals against the team from Lithuania increased the international tally of Portugal significantly.


The standing of the team form different groups has been complied and stated in the list below.

Group A:

England is on the top of the ranking list of group A, after securing a total of 12 points from all the matches that were played during the Euro 2020 qualifiers. This is followed by the Czech Republic who obtained 9 points which are considered relatively lower. At the bottom of the list are Montenegro and Bulgaria, each having secured 2 points.

Group B:

At the top of the list of group B is Ukraine with a grand total of 13 points, followed in second place by Portugal who had procured 8 points during the matches. Lithuania came at the last place, after having secured only 1 point.

Group C:

Germany and Northern Irelands were tied, with a score of 12 points each. The final position was of Estonia who hadn’t managed to obtain any points.

Group D:

The first and second place in Group D was attained by the Republic of Ireland and Denmark respectively. The total tally of points being 11 for the Republic of Ireland and 9 for Denmark. Not having secured any points, Gibraltar, was positioned in the last place.

Group E:

In group E, Croatia held the first position after having got a score of 10 points. This was closely followed by both Slovakia and Hungary who each got 9 points. Azerbaijan was in the last place as it had managed to obtain only 1 point.

Group F:

Spain, having played exceptionally well, scored a total of 18 points. The second position was secured by Sweden with a score of 11 points.  The Faroe Islands, on the other hand, didn’t manage to score any points.

Group G:

Poland was ranked the highest in this group, as they had got 13 points. Following close behind is Slovenia, with 11 points. Latvia didn’t gain any points and thus was placed at the bottom.

Group H:

In group H, Turkey and France were tied at 15 points each and Iceland came in at 2nd place after having attained 12 points. Andorra dropped to the bottom of the list due to their inability to score any points.

Group I:

Belgium was one of the best teams in the qualifiers and managed to get a score of 18 points. The second place was rightly given to Russia as they had got 15 points. The last place in this group was given to San Marino as they didn’t get any points.

Group J:

Italy obtained 18 points and Finland got 12. Liechtenstein came in at the last position because they had gotten only 1 point.

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