LOL Boosting –Getting Value for Your Money and Enriching the Experience


A booster can promote a weak player to premium ranks like; diamond, platinum, and even further. You pay a small fee for increasing your performance in ranked games. As you provide your user name and password, the expert in the game, at least in diamond one rank, plays on your behalf. He has all the expertise, speed, and proficiency, which guarantees win. Your account is well protected with encryption programming, so booster can never access your private information. Neither have they had access to your Ip nor RP. You can watch how the expert navigates through the difficult venues of the game through your smurf account or online Scouters. You can work together with the expert, which gives you a fantastic experience.

Boosting your skill

The ultimate goal of lol boost is not to push you up in the ladder of the game, but to share the rich experience of the journey with you. As you approach higher rank, more is the interaction with experts; they guide you, train you, and makes you learn how to play the game better. When you join with the expert, you both enjoy gaming. You get the maximum value of your money as you learn the game and inch up in the rank simultaneously. As you are paying, you want value for your money, whether you are buying a single or duo boost. You give your best to win, as you have spent an amount buying the boost, these acts as a psychological stimulant to achieve more. Previously you tried half-heartedly. Now you give your best even in the purchased section. The reason is obvious because there is financial involvement.

As a profession

Many excelled players take boosting as their career, to know the exact numbers look at the competitive ladder. There are a total of 1000 proficient players according to the server of the game; 200 in Challenger and 800 players in grandmaster.90% are professionals or associated with amateur teams. If these players are divided among boosting websites, there are roughly around 100 per location. As there are shortages of boosters, some websites employ diamond 1 level player, but leading ones does not employ this tactic.

These players earn money while pursuing their passion, so the immensely enjoy the job. They choose their own schedule of work and do not have to overburden with work to earn extra money. They meet new people, customers, and teams, building a long-lasting relationship.

How much they earn?

The money they earn lol boost depends on factors like ratio of the win, rank in the ladder, and frequency of playing. An under-ranked silver player earns around $2 to 4, gold $3 to 6, platinum $4 to 8, diamond $6to 15, and grandmaster $20 or more. A game continues for at least 30 minutes, with a winning ratio of 80%, playing only on grandmaster level a player earns around $300 regularly, which sums up to $9000 on a monthly basis.

If you want to excel in the game, watch videos of a particular proficient player. Watching alone is not enough until you practice; it makes you perfect.