The MU Online slayer season 15 will carry energizing new substance to its up and coming Season: including the expansion of another character, Slayer, and the opening of a speed occasion server for a brisk level up.

To commend the forthcoming update, the MU Online group will be running a pre-enrollment occasion on the official site. Players who pre-register for the new update will get a coupon that incorporates a Parchment Bundle (7 days), Evil presence Pet (7 days), and Favor of Light that can be reclaimed during the occasion time frame.

Additionally, in MU Online slayer season 15  players will have an exceptional opportunity to be remunerated just by playing the game during the occasion time frame. A lift bundle which contains Favor of Light, Wizard’s Ring (1 day), and Charm of Climb II (1 day) will be compensated to players who play the game for 60 minutes. This occasion will be accessible consistently during the whole occasion time frame, so partake to get help things.

Besides, additional prizes will be prepared for players who arrive at over 150 hours of recess. Players’ recess will be accumulated beginning from today, which can be kept an eye on the official site. When players have achieved the recess objective in a given time span, they can guarantee uncommon endowments of Skeleton Pet and Ring (every 7 days).


The Magic Gladiator in the MU Online slayer season 15 is a mix of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard and can be opened as another class when your character arrives at level 220. He can’t wear steerage and has four arrangements of class-explicit defensive layer however he can likewise wear a large number of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard protective layer. The Magic Gladiator can run without the need of +5 boots, and swim quicker without the need of +5 gloves. Magic Gladiators get 7 detail focuses per level, rather than the 5 picked up by the three essential classes. Magic Gladiators just have one class change to Duel Masters.

The Magic Gladiator is seen as a mixture of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard. He can employ weapons as Knights do and furthermore cast hostile spells like Wizards. In any case, the Magic Gladiator can’t employ the Blade Knight/Soul Master weapons/staffs (Spirit Sword, Crystal Staff, etc.), or wear Blade Knight/Soul Master protective layer sets (Phoenix, Soul) or wear a cap. Nor is he ready to get familiar with the Transport, Mass Transport, and Mana Shield spells which are the sole spaces of the Dark Wizards and Soul Masters or Demise Cut, Earth Break, or More noteworthy Courage aptitudes which are the genuine areas of Dark and Blade Knights.

The Magic Gladiators have discovered the insider facts of throwing their magic while wearing a protective layer that would burden any alchemist. They can likewise use blades tantamount to any knight. Because of their enchanted nature, they have unending perseverance and can run for huge spans. Magic Gladiators are likewise snappy students and advance quicker than different classes.