How to Boost Your Character in Online Game?


In the last 25 years of its existence, virtual gaming gained over millions of devotees across the globe. The emerging interest helped to promote the development of the industry greatly. Technological innovations and the accessibility of the Internet contributed to the diversity and quality of online games. Nowadays, this addictive activity thrives on our aspiration to always win. To succeed in that, improving the characteristics of our virtual avatars became the main priority.

Leveling Methods: Their Pros and Cons

The methods used to boost a character differ from one game to another. But there are a few ways offered by most providers, so let’s have a closer look at each one of them.

  • The most common system involves experience points that allow boosting a character upon reaching a certain amount. As the game’s level rises, a player is granted points improving characteristics (strength, agility, health, etc.) or adding new skills. The main advantage of this method is the possibility to choose how exactly players want their characters to develop. Any parameter can be enhanced at any time with the help of development points. However, this technique lacks rationality. For instance, a player who decided to earn points only by killing enemies is offered to spend them on improving, say, forging skills.
  • Improving skills or characteristics by using them implies that the more a player applies a certain skill, the better it becomes. For example, the more a character runs, the less endurance it consumes. The main advantage of this method is that a character’s development depends only on the game tactics applied by a player. However, the games designed this way are extremely time-consuming. A player has to work hard and spend an unimaginable amount of time to boost at least one skill to the maximum. Therefore, a comprehensively developed character requires a dozen hours of repeated and often monotonous actions.
  • The absence of such a concept as a character’s level (often along with classic characteristics of strength, intelligence, etc.) is the main sign of a game where a boost is possible only through skills and gears in use. A character becomes stronger based on the number of attacks mastered or equipment found. On the one hand, this motivates a player to explore the world and find the most powerful and rare equipment. On the other hand, grinding often takes up the lion’s share of the gameplay.

It is up to a player which game type to choose – some like the freedom of choice provided by the first method, while others enjoy grinding. However, the main factor that affects every game is not the leveling method itself, but how it is implemented.

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