Close-Quarters Combat with Shotguns and SMGs in MW3


In the high-octane world of COD: MW3, getting skilled in close-quarters combat is crucial to climbing the leader boards. Whether you’re clearing a tight corridor or sweeping a compact room, understanding how to wield shotguns and submachine guns (SMGs) can tip the scales in your favour. Here’s how you can use these weapons to dominate close up engagements.

Understanding Close-Quarters Combat

Close-quarters combat in MW3 involves fast-paced, reflex-driven encounters where players must make split-second decisions. Typically unfolding at a range of a few meters, this intense form of combat is common in many of the game’s maps that feature indoor areas and complex structures.

Choosing Your Weapon: Shotguns vs. SMGs

Each shotgun in MW3, from the devastating power of the Model 1887 to the rapid-firing Striker, offers a unique approach to close-range elimination. Meanwhile, SMGs like the MP7 and P90 provide a balance between agility and consistent firepower.

Shotguns are perfect for one-shot eliminations and holding down choke points but falter at range and during reloads. In contrast, SMGs excel in mobility and sustained fire, invaluable for flanking manoeuvres and taking on multiple adversaries, however you often need to get several bullets in the kill zone to eliminate the enemy.

Customisation and Loadouts

Customizing your weapons can heavily affect their efficiency. Equipping a shotgun with Extended Mags increases your staying power, while a Red Dot Sight on your SMG can enhance aim.

Your loadout should also complement your weapon, so Sleight of Hand speeds up reloads, Assassin keeps you off enemy radar, and Steady Aim tightens your hip spread, making every shot count and helps keep a wild gun more under control.

Map Knowledge and Positioning

Being familiar with the map layout is imperative. Knowing the hotspots for close encounters allows you to anticipate enemy movements and control the flow of battle.

Positioning with shotguns and SMGs means staying out of long sightlines and navigating the terrain to force close engagements. Use the environment to your advantage, and never stop moving.

Mastering Movement

Your agility is your best friend. Techniques like slide cancelling can swiftly move you into cover, while jump shots can disorient your foes. Perfect these moves and you will become a difficult target to hit, which is exactly what you want.

Winning Strategies for Close-Quarters Engagements

Clear rooms with confidence by pre-firing potential enemy locations. You can also corner check by quickly peeking around corners which is vital to avoid ambushes. Remember, controlling the engagement’s pace can be as important as landing your shots.

Advanced Techniques and Tips

Pre-aiming corners as you move can shave off valuable milliseconds in a gunfight. Audio cues, or “sound whoring,” can alert you to an enemy’s proximity, giving you the upper hand even before visuals are in play.

Quick MW3 Boost

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Whether you prefer the sheer stopping power of a shotgun or the rapid-fire capability of an SMG, proficiency comes with practice. Integrate these weapons into your MW3 arsenal, refine your tactics, and you’ll soon find yourself leading the charge in close-quarters combat. Remember, in the realm of MW3, agility and precision are paramount, and with these tips, victory is within grasp.