3 Tips for Keeping up With MultiPlayer Video Games as a Senior 


From significant cognitive benefits to just plain fun, multiplayer video games can be awesome for everyone, including seniors! Of course, being elderly means having to make some adjustments for tangible benefits and maximum fun, but it can be simple.

So, here are 3 tips for playing multiplayer games as a senior. 

Figure out Your Gaming Sweet Spot

Think of finding a multiplayer game like discovering another favorite thing—it has to be something you crave. Finding the right game that speaks to your interests makes it way more fun to dive into and  it’s a lot easier to get good at one or two games instead of the hundreds of possibilities. 

Think about what gets you excited. Are you into epic battles, brain-teasing puzzles, or maybe just chill adventures? Once you have a type in mind, get on some gaming sites and watch a few videos to confirm what really makes you love it. 

Say you’re a sucker for brain teasers and teamwork. Games like “Overcooked” or “Among Us” might just be your jam. Picture this: you and your team cooking up a storm in a chaotic kitchen or trying to suss out an imposter among your friends. 

Get a Squad 

Gaming Isn’t just about racking up points; a big part of it is making memories with people and so building a gaming crew means people to laugh, strategize, and celebrate those epic wins with.

So round up your friends or make some new ones by joining gaming groups or hopping into online forums. Whether it’s forming a ragtag crew of retirees or teaming up with your grandkids, having a team to game with turns even the toughest battles into a blast.

Level Up Your Gear Game

Just like a comfy chair makes movie night better, the right gaming gear can seriously up your gameplay. Whether it’s controllers, headsets, or even just tweaking some settings, getting your setup just right can make all the difference.

For example, you want to take a peek at the settings menu in your favorite game and see what options are on offer. Maybe crank up the subtitles for easier reading or adjust the button layout for smoother play so that you won’t miss a single word of those quest instructions.

Say you struggle with hand pain while gaming. Investing in a cushy ergonomic controller or a headset with built-in chat could be just the ticket to keep you playing comfortably for hours. Really, if you can afford it, why not splurge on a snazzy controller or headset if it means a more comfy, immersive gaming sesh?

Gaming can be awesome at any age. Especially if you focus on your favorites, play with a friend squad, and look into suitable gear and equipment. Try out these tips.